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Shoptet is one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the region. We help companies and individuals easily start and grow their business online. We offer endless possibilities for e-shops – from renting, through payment services, to connecting with industry professionals.

Our mission is to help people achieve their dream of starting a business and help them be successful.

What you’ll be working on with us:

The Purple team is working on projects under Michal Holub’s leadership that help the platform as a whole, such as improving the DX system, performance or introducing new technologies. In the near future, the Purple team will be working on the following projects:

  • Transition from Jira project management to GitHub project management
  • Releases via GitHub and later full automation (CD)
  • Smaller projects: database migration queue, automated translation process, and many more

What technologies will you encounter in our team:

  • Scripting via a combination of PHP, bash, Typescript/Javascript
  • YAMLs everywhere you look
  • Docker, Docker-compose
  • GitHub, GitHub actions, GitHub runners

Who are we looking for:

This role requires some experience and ideally, you will have worked on or been close to similar projects. Seniority is needed. We’re mix of remote and on-site people, so you’ll spend a lot of time typing in Slack and talking to your colleagues via Slack/Teams.

  • You have prior experience with automated releases of non-trivial software
  • Someone who enjoys a variety of projects, maybe even a bit of a „tinkerer“
  • Someone who knows Docker and it’s internals
  • Must be well-oriented in Linux, its internals, and the ecosystem
  • You like an environment where solutions are not handed out but must be discovered first.
  • You’ll be given the freedom and confidence to design your ideas
  • Someone who has previous experience with GitHub Actions as GitHub is our primary focus. It’s OK if you don’t know all the details, though, you will get a chance to catch up

What do we offer:

  • Multisport allowance, reward for referring a new colleague. 
  • Shoptet Enterprise plan for your own e-shop for free. 
  • Budget for your own training,  
  • English courses 
  • Internal "Masterclass" training system. 
  • Computer and monitor of your choice. 
  • We care about the mental health of our employees - we offer therapy options. 
  • Offices in Karlín, bike friendly facilities, a large supply of Nordbeans coffee, fruit and other healthy snacks await you there. 
  • We have a great IT community that meets on monthly basis to discuss news from IT word and then continue to have some beer 

Sounds exciting? Here are some tips where to find additional information.

Learn more about our company culture at Atmoskop.

See what they say about us at CzechCrunch.

We look forward to welcome you on-board!🙌

Our story

14 years ago, our founders wanted to fulfill a pretty simple dream - to start an e-shop. But they found that there was no simple solution on the market. And so Shoptet was born with a mission to help people do business online. We grew slowly and our biggest boom came in 2020 when many merchants were forced to move online due to the pandemic. We now have nearly 250 employees across three countries, countless success stories and most importantly over 38,000 users whose entrepreneurial spirit keeps us going.

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